Planner & Calendar 2017-18

Pre-primary Celebrations and Activities

Month Celebrations and Activities
April Nutrition Day Celebration
June Funny Feet Day
July Field trip and Flower Day
August Fancy Dress Day
September Happy Hours with Grandparents (Storytelling)
October Cartoon Day
November Fruit and Vegetable Day
December Christmas Day and Picnic
January Best out of Waste

STD. I to X (Inter Class / Inter House Competition)

Month Class I to III Class IV to VI Class VII to X
April Picture (English) Story Telling (English) Story Writing with given topics (English)
June Imaginative Drawing and Colouring Drawing with given topics/ Collage making SPoster Making with Slogans or information
July Poetry Recitation( English) Spell Bee (English) English Conclave Activities
August Fancy Dress (Monoacting) Group Dance/ Group Song (Patriotic) Solo Dance / Solo Song (Folk)
September Story Telling (Hindi) Elocution (Hindi) Doha/ Proverb (Hindi)
October Green Rangoli Grain Rangoli Clay Modelling
November Camp Fire Camp Fire Star Gazing/Night Out
December Mental Math Olympiad Math Games Math Olympiad
January Experiments Projects & Charts Science Model
 *Minimum 1 Educational Trip & 1 Fun trip is a must.

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