The school has instituted various awards to recognize the student achievements.

        I.            Scholastic:


(I)                 Pratibuddh Award:


Classes I to V Grade/ Marks: A2 & A1/ 80 % and above

Classes VI to XII Grade/ Marks: A2 & A1/ 80 %and above


(II)               Nityam Award: For 100% Attendance

Utkrisht Nityam Award: For 100% Attendance for 3 consecutive years or more


(III)             Praveen Award: For class topper

Atishay Praveen Award: For topping the class for 3 consecutive years or more


Co- Scholastic:

Students who excel in Sports, Dance and Music, Art and Craft at District, State, National, International level will be acknowledged by the school.


II. Sports Day: Trophies and Medals


III.    House Awards:

All Inter - House competitions held in the school will earn the respective Houses points, based on the positions secured. The events may be Solo or Team participation.


1st Position 20 points

2nd Position 15 points

3rd Position 10 points

4th Position 05 points


A Rolling Trophy will be presented to the House standing 1st at the end of the Academic session. This trophy will be displayed in the school under Best House for the said year.


Individual Award: Awarded to a student for exemplary achievement as decided by school management.

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